End of Life for DocuSign PrivateServer HSM

This FAQ refers to the PrivateServer HSM product, also known as DocuSign HSM Appliance (“HSM Appliance”), and its related services and contracts.
What is happening with HSM Appliance?

DocuSign is exiting the HSM business and, as a result, HSM Appliance comes to the end of its life cycle, including End-of-Sale, End-of-Support, and End-of-Life. DocuSign will make best efforts to assist customers with the migration to other HSM offerings of their choosing.

What are the dates for End-of-Sale, End-of-Support and End-of-Life, and what happens at each date?
  • End-of-Sale is January 1, 2021. The SKU will be retired and DocuSign will no longer sell the HSM Appliance.
  • End-of-Support is July 1, 2022. DocuSign will no longer provide support, service engagements, bug fixes, or patches. IMPORTANT: If you have a subscription that ends after this date, DocuSign will continue to provide maintenance and support until the subscription expires.
  • End-of-Life is December 31, 2023. The product will be considered fully retired upon this date.

Will I still get bug fixes, updates and security patches if my contract extends past these dates?

DocuSign will support and maintain the HSM Appliance until the end of your subscription contract. This support and maintenance includes the release of versions with bug fixes and security patches.

Will I still be able to purchase additional HSM Appliances if my contract is still in effect?

You will be able to purchase additional HSM Appliances until January 1, 2021. Hardware replacements will be available until the end of your subscription contract. Keep in mind that DocuSign manages its inventory to address foreseen demand.

Our subscription ends after July 2022. What happens to the support and maintenance service that we are entitled to after July 1, 2022?

DocuSign will maintain a high level of support and maintenance service for all customers under current subscription contracts in good standing, including those that end after July 1, 2022.

Our subscription ends between July 2020 and July 2021. Can we renew our subscription for two more years?

You can renew or extend your subscription, but it cannot extend beyond July 1, 2022.

Our subscription ends between July 2021 and July 2022. Can we renew our subscription for one more year?

No. You can only renew your subscription to extend to July 1, 2022.

We are an HSM Appliance reseller and have a new customer interested in purchasing an appliance. Can we still sell to the customer?

No. Selling an HSM Appliance to a new customer is not allowed under any circumstances.

We are an existing customer and need more HSM Appliances.  Can we place an order and, if so, when will our subscription for the new Appliances end?

You can purchase additional HSM Appliances up until January 1, 2021, however, the contract for such purchase cannot extend past your current contract end date.

Will the HSM Appliance be supported by another vendor after July 1, 2022?

DocuSign is actively searching for a buyer for our HSM Appliance business. At this stage we cannot guarantee the success of that effort, nor can we guarantee that any subsequent technical migration will succeed. We can assure you that your business is our top priority and that you will be updated with any significant developments.

Will DocuSign help me migrate to another HSM?

DocuSign's Customer Service team will provide, under the terms of a current Support contract, assistance to help you migrate your DocuSign HSM Appliance to another HSM of your choosing.  The scope of this assistance shall be limited, as applicable, to DocuSign HSM APIs, cryptography, and/or key transfers.

What happens the day that my license to use HSM Appliance expires?

After the license expires, you can no longer use your HSM Appliance. Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance if you need to extend your subscription in order to complete your migration to another HSM.

We purchased the HSM v5 Appliance and subscription but have not completed our migration from HSM v4 Appliance. Can we still use our HSM v4 Appliance for another year?

No. HSM v4 Appliances are no longer supported. DocuSign will not be able to assist you if a HSM v4 Appliance fails. We strongly encourage you to migrate as soon as possible to the HSM v5 Appliance, and we will be happy to assist you in this migration.

How long will you release new features/bug fixes/security patches?

DocuSign will maintain all existing HSM Appliances until the end of your contract, and we will continue releasing new versions with bug fixes and security patches as required up until July 1, 2022. Please note that DocuSign will not develop or provide new features.

Should we contact a new HSM vendor to discuss our migration options?

While DocuSign is actively searching for a buyer for our HSM Appliance business, we cannot guarantee the success of that effort. We encourage you to start searching for alternatives to the HSM Appliance. We will notify you if we identify a partner that we strongly believe will provide our customers with a high-quality product and service.

What should we do with our HSM Appliance once our license expires, including the sensitive key information it contains?

You may dispose of your HSM Appliance in your possession according to your security, service or decommissioning policy.  You are not permitted to transfer HSM Appliances in your possession to another party for further use.

How do I contact DocuSign Support if I have problems or questions?

You can reach DocuSign’s Customer Support team here.