API - UserInfo call returns UserNotFound for a Specific Valid User

Known Issue

The API call to get UserInfo returns an {"error":"UserNotFound","error_description":"The user is not found in DocuSign"} for a specific user who is otherwise able to generate an authorization token, blocking an integration from determining their Account ID or Base URL.


A relatively small number of DocuSign users have memberships that are in an atypical state that otherwise does not impact functionality. DocuSign Support can resolve these when they occur.


First, confirm the integration can retrieve the UserInfo for any other user in DocuSign. If your application is having trouble making the UserInfo call for multiple users, it's likely that this article is not relevant. Additionally, this issue only impacts the UserInfo call: The application will be able to request an authorization token for the user, and other API calls will execute without issue if the application hard-codes the account/server information instead of requesting it from DocuSign's Account Server.

To resolve, open a DocuSign Support case referencing issue PROV-571 and include the following information:
- Is the issue occurring in Demo or Production
- UserID & Email address of impacted user
- Known account IDs for user
- Integration Key used