Email PowerForms: How to remove system generated Access Code requirement


By default (and unlike Direct), Email PowerForms require the recipient to enter a system generated Access Code sent to him/her via email before entering signing. This article explains two ways of bypassing this requirement while still using an Email PowerForm.

Solution #1: Use the ActivateOnly Flag

If you append the parameter ActivateOnly=1 at the end of your Email PowerForm URL, the recipient will be required to initiate signing via email but he/she will not have to enter an Access Code. URL parameters are separated by: &

Sample PowerForm URL (not live):

Upon accessing the URL and filling out recipient information, the user is presented with the below confirmation screen directing him/her to check for an email.

Email PowerForm ActivateOnly - Confirmation Screen

As you can see below, the email sent to the recipient after accessing the URL does not include a system generated Access Code.

Email PowerForm ActivateOnly - Envelope Activation

Solution #2: Enter Access Code Into Template and Lock Recipient

If you enter an Access Code for the Role Recipient in the PowerForm’s Template, then enable the Recipient Advanced settings, “Don’t allow senders to edit recipient” and “Don’t allow senders to delete recipient” you will notice a similar behavior.

Sample PowerForm URL (not live):

In this example I’ve set the Access Code in the Template to: 1234

Add Access Code Lock Recipient

Upon accessing the URL and filling out recipient information, the user is presented with the Access Code screen and he/she is sent an email. However, as you can see below, no system generated access code is included in the email. Instead I’ve added the verbiage and Access Code in my PowerForm email message.
  Email PowerForm - Envelope Activation


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