Dynamics 365 error: Didn’t receive a response from the DocuSign.DocuSignRequest plug-in within the 2:20 minute limit


A user assigns a custom action they have created to a specific entity. They go to this entity, find a record, and click on “Send with DocuSign”. The user sees a message that reads “Didn’t receive a response from the DocuSign.DocuSignRequest plug-in within the 2:20 minute limit”.


This happens because the user’s custom action is taking too long to execute and complete.
Custom actions are prioritized and run synchronously by CRM, so they have strict processing limits to prevent the possibility of Dynamics CRM’s performance getting hit hard due to a rogue action taking too long to complete. If a custom action takes longer than 2 minutes to process, Dynamics CRM will kill it and will return an error like the above.


Set up a customer workflow as an asynchronous workflow that can be run on demand, instead of a custom action. Be sure to check off "Run this workflow in the background (recommended)" and then on the workflow designer check the "As an on-demand process" checkbox. From there a custom action workflow can be built to look and operate just like the existing custom action.
The difference here is that when it comes time to sending: the "Send with DocuSign" button will not be pressed. Instead, select "Run Workflow" from that same menu our actions appear – then select the workflow and double click it. This will fire the workflow off when CRM has the resources to do so (usually within a minute or two) and it should work then.

There is a downside in that the ability to view the envelope via the iframe window like with the custom action will not be possible but it skirts around the 2 minute limit that exists for custom actions.
Note: This resolution will only work if there is no need to interact with the tagger before sending. Workflows do not have a UI component and are best used with templates/anchor tags where everything can get filled out automatically.