Downloading the CoSign Nation verifier package for self-distribution


CoSign Nation


An ever-growing number of large enterprises, SMBs, government agencies and cloud services worldwide have seamlessly integrated CoSign digital signatures into various processes and workflows involving their employees, customers, constituents and business partners.
Although CoSign digital signatures comply with international standards and are generally verifiable without any additional software, CoSign Nation provides the free CoSign Verifier application. This unique app makes it even easier for recipients to verify CoSign digital signatures, including signer identity, signer intent and document integrity, on PDF files, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, and many other document types and formats.

How To

  1. Access

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  2. Using the search box, locate your company's root certificate

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  3. Select the checkbox next to your company logo. The logo will be added to the “Which certificate would you like to download” list

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  4. Next, click the download button

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  5. You will be prompted to enter your details, then click ‘Download’

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  6. You will be redirected and a file download will start.
  7. Once the first package is downloaded, go back to the previous page, click the “Change default configuration” link under the download button and check the “MS Office add-on”

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  8. Use to the download button again to download the package with the changed configuration.
  9. At the end of the process you should have two packages:
    1. The first package contains your root certificate and will install it to the trusted root certificate of your machine once executed, which is enough to verify PDF files.
    2. The second package contains additional assemblies required for Microsoft Office to verify digital signature in addition to your root certificate.


Starting September 1st 2017 the Cosign Nation service will not be available anymore, and instead of referring your documents recipients to CoSign Nation website, you should provide them the packages stated above independently. Possible options are:
  1. Send them the packages with signed documents.
  2. Use a file hosting service to provide the recipients with the download link.
  3. Host the package on a dedicate webserver (e.g. company website) for free access.

Thank you,
The CoSign Group at DocuSign Support

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