Download PowerForm Data - How do I revert to the previous CSV format?


The CSV file you obtain, when downloading PowerForm data, has an optimized format. However, this can impact scripts that were developed using the older format.


The steps below provide a temporary workaround to download the CSV file in the previous format. These steps must be performed for each PowerForm and for each time the PowerForm data is downloaded.


  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the Manage tab
  3. On the left, click PowerForm
  4. Identify the PowerForm for which you would like to download the information, and click Download
  5. The Download PowerForm Data date picker opens. Select the Start Date and End Date
    • Note: The system can process only about 1,000 responses at a time, so select a range that will return a suitable number of responses. If you are generating more than 1,000 responses a day, contact DocuSign Customer Support to discuss alternative solutions for high-volume customers. 
  6. Right click on the dialogue and select "Inspect" (Google Chrome) or "Inspect Element" (Firefox & Internet Explorer)

  1. The Developer Tools page opens. Select Network, then click Preserve log (or Persist Logs)
  2. Click the Download button

  1. In Developer Console, look for a GET call with the following URL:{accountID}/powerforms/{ProwerFormID}/form_data.csv?from_date=2019-12-26T08:00:00.000Z&to_date=2019-12-27T07:59:59.999Z&data_layout=csv_one_envelope_per_line

  1. Copy the URL and remove the “&data_layout=csv_one_envelope_per_line” parameter from the end. Paste the URL in the browser
  2. The download of CSV file in the previous format starts

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