DocuSign Insight - Users are unable to log into the UI using Active Directory credentials

There are a few causes for users being unable to access the browser interface using Active Directory credentials.

Networking problem(s)

Often this scenario is caused by the environment (server) running ScD being unable to connect to the host containing the Active Directory. An easy way to confirm this is to install AD Explorer on the environment running ScD. This tool is from Microsoft and will allow an Administrator attempt to access the Active Directory using credentials that have necessary permissions to access the AD directly.

If the AD Explorer is unable to connect, the issue is likely due to the network connection. However, if the user is able to access the Active Directory using this tool, the next possible cause is the credentials set to access the Active Directory within ScD configuration.

AD Explorer link

Incorrect or expired credentials

Another common root cause of the scenario outlined above is due to the credentials used to access the Active Directory either expiring or being configured. Using the AD Explorer tool mentioned above, attempt to connect to the Active Directory. Ensure the credentials being used are exactly the same configured in ScD. If you're denied access due to credentials, the root cause has been found. If you're able to connect, confirm once again that the working credentials are exactly the same in the ScD configuration.

Case sensitive group names

Confirm the Active Directory User Groups are being entered into the ADWizard utility during setup as seen in the Active Directory. Though no error will be reported initially, if the User Groups are not typed exactly the same, users will be unable to log in. In short, keep case sensitivity in mind when entering User Groups.

If after running through the above solutions you're still unable to locate the root cause, contact Customer Support and include the following when submitting the ticket:

  • Steps taken to locate root cause along with outcome.
  • Compressed Logs directory found under the Seal installation directory. (Split the logs apart by sub-directories if larger than 20MB).
  • Output of user pinging both environments from each other.