DocuSign Insight - "Unsupported document found"


When trying to process a document through ATN or API, you may encounter an error "Unsupported document found". The document is a valid document and a supported type.

This issue applies to version 5 and 6.



You can get this error message if the import location is not accessible by all servers. Specifically, if the importer is running on a separate node than the ScD server.



Check the importer location on the ScD node and verify it is a shared drive.
Version 5.1: <drive>:Software\Seal\
Version 5.4 and 6: <drive>:Software\Seal\config\seal\seal-back\application.conf

The value will appear similar to:
import {
# location = "C:\Software\Seal\data\import"

To upload via ATN or API, the importer path should be specified as a shared path that is accessible by all servers (the importer path is generally not). It is recommended to use a folder similar to the blobstore with the same share and permission requirements. Additionally, the share path needs to include additional backslashes.
So if the share path is \\Server\data\import, you would update the entry as follows:  \\\\Server1\\data\\import

Restart the Seal web services.