DocuSign Insight - SA components memory settings

How to increase JVM memory for ScA?

From a command prompt on the ScA Server, run the following command from %SEAL_HOME%\SCA\web\bin:
tomcat7w.exe “//MS//SCAWeb”

This should open the GUI application for monitoring and configuring Tomcat services. On the Java tab of the Tomcat GUI app change the Initial memory pool and Maximum memory pool values.


How to change the memory allocated to CAAT?

Open env.cmd found in *\Sca\index\bin
On line 14 you'll find 'set HEAP_OPTS=-Xms512m -Xmx3072m


Change the 'Xmxs' to increase or decrease the minimum memory allocated and change the 'Xmx' to increase or decrease the maximum memory allocated to CAAT.

Restart services once the changes are complete.