Docusign Insight - MFT Secure Portal Customer Users Guide

Seal Software Secure Portal - “MFT” Welcome Document

One of the first steps on of onboarding to Seal Software is to securely transfer your contracts to us so they can be ingested into Seal. This is accomplished via the Secure portal, which is a Hosted system running on a web-service solution provided by GoAnywhere using Managed File Transfer (MFT). When an environment is provisioned in Seal Cloud Services (SCS), we setup a specific file share inside your tenant inside of SCS with specific security configurations to ensure only authorized access is permitted.

While the content never persists anywhere other than in your private area within SCS it is processed by either a US or an EMEA-based server. When working with Support please be sure to specify which one you want to use.

The Secure Portal can be accessed at either
North America:

Prerequisite for MFT access using the secure web portal:

  1. Confirm you are able to access the secure web portal for either the US or EMEA site depending on the recommendation provided from Support or Professional Services team
  2. Confirm with your IT Department that Firewall settings permit access to the Secure portal (whitelist for the portal)
  3. Check you are able to upload files and if any issues, please open a support case to check.
  4. Check with your IT Department to confirm there are no rules related to the file size upload limit.
  5. Confirm you are able to use either Google Chrome or Firefox

Prerequisite check to access MFT using SFTP over port 22:

  1. Confirm Port 22 is open over the Firewall
  2. Confirm with your IT Department that you are permitted to use FileZilla or WinSCP applications.
  3. Confirm that you are able to connect over SFTP using client application such as WinSCP, FileZilla or CLI should the need be using the credentials provided by Seal support team
  4. Check with the IT Department if there are rules related to the file size upload limit.

How do you upload files using the Secure web portal?

  1. Log on the link below for secure-portal:
    For USA:
    For EMEA:

  2. Type-in your credentials to access the portal. This will direct you to the following:

  3. This folder is your dedicated folder on the MFT server, which is why you will see an empty folder.
  4. Once logged in you are provided with three buttons to either upload or create a new-folder.
  5. When clicking on Upload, you will be redirected to a window to navigate to the files located on your PC or Laptop.
  6. Once the file has been uploaded, it should be displayed for you. Press the refresh button if you are not able to see it.
  7. Another alternative to uploading files is to drag and drop them directly into the folder.

How to connect to the Secure portal using SFTP?

  1. Open FileZilla
  2. Input the following:
    • Host:
    • Username: your username provided
    • Password: either provided or the latest password set for the secure-portal set for your account.
    • Port: 22

3. Once you are logged, you should be able to view your folder or Uploaded files.

Final Notes:

  • Please be sure your IT department does not block large file transfers at the browser or other levels – this will prevent the system from functioning
  • Please store your password in a safe location and ensure it is typed correctly to avoid your account getting locked.
  • Please avoid using another credential’s as this may result in your IP being Black-Listed
  • If you have any questions, please email us at