DocuSign Insight - How to determine SHA1 for a contract

Method 1: ScD UI

In V7, go to Contracts tab. Click on columns drop down and select ID. Now SHA1 should be displayed as one of the columns in the contracts.

In V6, login to Scd, go to any contract. Click on the direct link icon and select copy to clipboard. Paste that link in a notepad. The last portion of the link with "id=" is the SHA1 of the contract. 


Method 2: Use the Developer Console.

The quickest method to find contracts one at a time is using the developer console in google Chrome. Do this while logged into your Seal ScD instance.

Open the Developer Console - Choose the Option icon on the top right of the Chrome window and select More Tools.

Select Developer Tools

This will open up frames containing information about the pages Chrome is displaying. With this opened, select the Network tab in the Developer Console frame and then select the contract in ScD for which you need the SHA1. The first item in the Network console will be the SHA1. Copy that value and you will have the SHA1 in your clipboard.

Method 3: Export your contracts to a csv file.

With the document selected in ScD then choose the export icon on the right side of ScD.
Export the contract metadata as a CSV file and then select My Downloads

Find the name of the file that you just extracted and select it to download.
Open the .csv file and the SHA1 will be the first column in the file called ContractID.

Method 4: Query in Postgres

Open PG Admin, or another Database tool to connect to your ScD database.
Run the following query:
select d.checksum
from document d, document_path dp 
where dp.uri like '%Name of Contract'
and dp.document_id =
This will output the SHA1 that you can use for other actions.