DocuSign Insight-Analytics - Discovery Rules do not find hits for sentence rule


The Discovery Rule does not find a hit even though you used the exact example for the Sentence Rule in the Discovery Rule.

The following is a sample sentence:
"If the termination notice is issued by either party with less than 90 days remaining in the Term, the agreement will automatically be extended by 90 days after receipt of the termination notice.", which is found as part of a paragraph in the Extraction Policy "TR_Renewal_EN".

You have created a Discovery Rule with a Sentence Rule with that exact sentence, marking "automatically" as keyword. The Discovery Rule maps to the Extraction Policy "TR_Renewal_EN' and extracts to "TR_AutoRenewal_DR_EN".

When testing this ("Test discovery rule"), the exact sentence that you used as an example for the sentence rule, does not get a hit for the discovery rule, even though the paragraph that this sentence belongs to is found within the original extraction policy. Even after reprocessing, the same issue is present.


A discovery Rule should not map to an extraction policy. There is nothing that prevents you from mapping it to a policy, but it will never get a hit. If you want to combine a sentence rule with paragraphs, the intended way is to put that sentence rule in a policy together with those paragraphs.