DocuSign Insight-ATN - "Unsupported document found"


When trying to process a document through ATN, you see the error "Unsupported document found". 
The document is a valid .docx document.
This issue applies to version 5 and 6.



You can get this error message if the import directory set up for ATN is not accessible by all servers.



1. Check the importer settings in the seal-back application.conf file. Ensure the importer path is on a share that is accessible by all servers (the importer path is generally not). It is recommended to use a folder similar to the blobstore with the same share and permission requirements.

2. Check the syntax of the path. Use the \ for the slash in a Windows UNC. You also need to put in two \\ for each \. So the importer UNC path should appear similar to the following:

location = "\\\\MyServer\\ShareName\\dataimport"