DocuSign for Sharepoint Online - Permission Issues


Permissions are a common root problem to many DocuSign for Sharepoint Online & On-Prem issues. Permissions must be setup properly for users to use DocuSign for Sharepoint

Possible errors:
  • Upon trying to “Get Signatures” a user receives the following error: 'You need to be part of the site members group.'
  • After sending an envelope the user is redirected to a page that states: 'Error An exception occurred: Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource.'


The user must have contribute permissions to the entirety of the Site Collection, not just the Library they are sending the document from. In the image below we have diagrammed the installation of DocuSign for SharePoint. As you can see, the product installs the user interface at the document library level of a single site but the integration itself installs several hidden pages within the entire site collection. When a user sends with DocuSign, these pages are checked, written to, and updated with new data. If the user does not have access to trigger these workflows to update these hidden pages then our system will deliver an error stating that the user has insufficient permissions. Note: Due to a problem with Microsoft interpreting permissions incorrectly, some tenants of SharePoint Online may require "Edit" permissions at the Site Collection level instead of "Contribute".

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