**Legacy** DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce - Insufficient Access or Envelope Does Not Exist Error

This issue pertains to DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce.


Selecting the Send with DocuSign button causes the error "Unable to display this envelope either because the user has insufficient access or the envelope does not exist."

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If all users unable to send: System Sender credential issue.

If individual users unable to send: Issue is assumed to be with the individual user profiles. A record of a user's membership information is stored in their Salesforce user profile in the field DocuSign Username (DSproSFusername is older versions). When this is blank, for a closed user, or not associated with the System Sender's account you will see this error. The error will also occur if the user in question is not currently active as a DocuSign user.


Solution 1

Correcting a system-wide behavior and the System Sender

  1. Log into your Salesforce environment as an administrator.
  2. Select the DocuSign Admin tab.
  3. Select the Account section of the DocuSign Admin tab.
  4. Review the current account name and metadata to see if there is any mismatch.
  5. Select the Modify Account Configuration button.
  1. Select the correct Environment value from the dropdown if needed.
  2. If the membership is linked to multiple accounts you will get a "You have multiple DocuSign accounts associated with this email" message. When this occurs there will be a drop down menu labeled Account to choose which to target.
  3. Choose the correct account and then select log in again to complete, resulting in a green "DocuSign account login successful" message.
  4. You will be asked to Connect DocuSign to Salesforce for writeback, but unless there are writeback issues this is not necessary.


Solution 2

Correcting individual user behavior and the DocuSign Username value.

NOTE: These instructions assume that the an active DocuSign user profile exists under the same account as the System Sender defined for the environment.

  1. Log into your Salesforce environment as an administrator.
  2. Select Setup >  Users > Users.
  3. Open the user profile of the individual with the issue.
  4. Locate the DocuSign Username (DSProSFUsername in older versions) field and add it using Edit Layout if it isn't visible:

  1. Note the 28 character value if it is populated.
  2. Log into the DocuSign Webapp as an admin.
  3. Select Settings > Users and click on the user you want to map to. There should be a field labeled API Username with a similar 28 character value, compare the two with the expectation that they do not match.
  4. Copy the API Username value from the DocuSign portal into the DSProSFUsername field in the Salesforce profile and save.
NOTE: the user profile in Salesforce will now be authorized to send under the user profile chosen. Please make certain to choose the appropriate DocuSign user when making these changes.

Please note: Some of the steps described in this article cannot apply to DFS versions 7.0-7.7.4. You will need to use Force Sync in the trouble shooting tools after making the changes.