DocuSign for Salesforce: How to update a Salesforce Field with a DocuSign Radio Button Value


While DocuSign for Salesforce does not currently support Radio Buttons as Merge Fields, there is a way to use Radio buttons to update Salesforce Fields with a custom DocuSign Connect Object. This article explains how to add/update a Salesforce Picklist value on an Opportunity layout with a DocuSign Radio Button value.


For this example I will create a Salesforce Picklist Custom Field on my Opportunity layout called, My Picklist with default values of: Option One, Option Two, Option Three
I will then create a Custom DocuSign Radio Button Group called, My Radio Buttons with default values of: Radio One, Radio Two, Radio Three

Step 1: Create the Salesforce Picklist Custom Field on Opportunity Layout

  1. In Salesforce, go to Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Fields
  2. Under Custom Fields, click New
  3. Choose the type of Picklist, click Next
  4. Enter Picklist Field Label (i.e. My Picklist)
  5. Select 'Enter values, with each value separated by a new line'
  6. Enter desired picklist values
  7. Deselect 'Restrict picklist to the values defined in the value set.' *This is important to allow Connect to update values within the list
My Picklist
  1. Finish any other desired customizations, then click Next
  2. Select desired Field-Level Security. At the very least you need to make sure the Profile your system sender user is under has Visible enabled and Read-Only disabled. Click Next
  3. Choose desired Page Layouts, then click Save

Step 2: Create the DocuSign Custom Radio Button Group

  1. In DocuSign, go to My Preferences > Custom Fields
  2. Click Add New Field
  3. Select the Type of Radio Button from the drop-down
  4. Enter the Radio Button Group Name in the Name field (i.e. My Radio Buttons)
  5. Enter the desired Radio Button Value in the Tooltip field (i.e. Radio One)
  6. Click Save
  7. Repeat steps 2 - 6 for each Radio Button in the group. *Make sure the Name is the same name of the Group for all (i.e. My Radio Buttons)
My Radio Buttons

Step 3: Create a Custom DocuSign Connect Object

  1. In DocuSign Admin go to Connect and Select your Salesforce Connect Configuration
  2. Under Connect Objects, select New Object > Salesforce Object
  3. Select Activate Object
  4. Enter a Name for your Object in the Object Name field (i.e. My Radio Button to Picklist Test)
  5. Under Select Salesforce Object, pick the Object you are sending from (i.e. Opportunity)
  6. Under Select Where > Field, select Opportunity ID (id)
  7. Under Select Where > DocuSign Field, select Envelope External Source ID
Connect Object - Select Where
  1. Under Update Fields > Field, select the Picklist you created in Salesforce (i.e. My Picklist)
  2. Under Update Fields > DocuSign Field, select Recipient Secure Field, then enter the name of your Radio Button Group (i.e. My Radio Buttons)
Connect Object - Update Fields
  1. Click Save
Now, run a test by sending from your Opportunity Object using this radio button group and completing signing. Note that the Picklist value is updated with the Radio Button value chosen during signing.


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Connect - New DocuSign Experience Admin

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