DocuSign for NetSuite (Versions 2020.03 and earlier) - End of Life Announcement

DocuSign announces end-of-life for all releases of DocuSign for NetSuite prior to and including version 2020.03.

The last day of support will be December 15, 2020. Thereafter, only DocuSign for NetSuite version 2020.09 and later will be supported.

Please review the summary below to learn more about the latest DocuSign eSignature for NetSuite version supported after December 15, 2020.

DocuSign for NetSuite 2020.09

DocuSign eSignature for NetSuite has been updated to use SuiteScript API 2.0. Previous versions used SuiteScript API version 1.0. This upgrade requires a full uninstall and reinstall to facilitate the script change. Users will need to reconfigure their DocuSign account settings and recreate all custom button scripts.

The latest version introduces Custom Button Forms to simplify the custom button creation process. Users can create buttons to perform a myriad of actions, such as creating an envelope, using a template, loading attachments, customizing email subject and message, and setting a custom expiration date - all without needing to write a script. Previous versions required the use of scripts.

New capabilities for Merge Fields enable data from a NetSuite field to automatically populate a field in a DocuSign template. Users can create merge field mappings through a custom button to avoid manual data entry and automatically pull data from NetSuite records into a DocuSign document for signing. For example, you could pull a contact’s name, address, and phone number into a template and send the envelope, all in a single click.

Below is a summary of changes in DocuSign eSignature for NetSuite:

  1. Custom button forms for code-free custom button creation.
  2. Merge Fields enables writing of NetSuite field data onto a DocuSign template when the document is sent for signature.
  3. The configuration screen has been converted to use NetsSuite Suitelet controls. The previous screen used HTML templates. The functionality is identical.
  4. The user model has been updated so that DocuSign account administration must now use the DocuSign Admin control panel on your DocuSign account. i.e., this bundle no longer performs any DocuSign account administration functionality.
  5. NetSuite admins will now see a DocuSign tab on the NetSuite Center.
  6. Improvements to caching for performance and to make the bundle less chatty.
  7. The Connector for retrieving and saving envelopes to the NetSuite file cabinet has been improved to be more efficient.

For future updates please see the bottom of the quick start guide for current release notes:
DocuSign eSignature for NetSuite Quick Start Guide