DocuSign for Google - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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What's in the Chrome extension?

1. The Chrome extension upper right pop-out panel for convenient management of envelopes.

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2. A context mouse-over button for Gmail attachments in emails to allow quick envelope creation.

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3. A button in the Chrome .pdf file viewer will appear for online documents and allow quick envelope creation.

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What's in the Google Drive app?
Google Drive-specific functionality, which consists of a right click to send and write back to Google Drive.

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Should I get both?

So why isn't there a single install package?
You will note that Extensions and Apps are kept very much separate in the Chrome store.
The Chrome extension is installed to the browser on your hard disk, while the Google Drive app is integrated into your cloud account.
The short answer is that Google requires them to be separate packages.

What browsers are compatible with the Chrome extension?
Only compatible with Chrome.

What about the Google Drive app? What browsers are compatible?
The Google Drive app is compatible with any browser. The Google Drive app is installed to the cloud account and not the browser, so functionality is part of the web page being rendered.
Chrome, IE, Firefox, and Safari should have the desired function if they are able to generally render the Google Drive interface.
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How do I install the Chrome extension?
  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search DocuSign:
  2. The "extension" will be for Chrome, Gmail, and .pdf viewer functionality (the "app" will be for Google Drive. See below.)

How do I install the Google Drive app?
  1. Go to Google Drive at
  2. Click the gear in the upper right, open Settings, and hit Manage Apps on the left
  3. Click Connect more apps at the top
  4. Search for DocuSign and hit the button to connect it to your Google Drive account

It says I already installed it but I'm not seeing any features?
Check the current Chrome profile or Google Drive account you are operating under and compare it to the login session of the store. There could be a mismatch?
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Do I have to use the same email between my Google and DocuSign accounts?
No. An early version of our Google products did require this but you are currently free to choose any DocuSign account.

How do I log in and connect the extension with my DocuSign membership?
  1. Click the gray down arrow DocuSign icon in the upper right of Chrome next to other icons
  2. Choose the Sign In and Sign Up option
  3. You will be prompted to log into your DocuSign Account
How do I log out if, I want to connect the extension with a different account?
  1. Click the down arrow DocuSign icon.
  2. Hit the three horizontal lines icon in the upper left to reach more functionality
  3. There should be a Log Out item to select in the resulting list of options

How do I connect my DocuSign account to Gmail?
Authentication for the Gmail function is through the same account as the extension panel described above.
If that is not already asserted, you'll get a popup when you hit the icon that prompts to log in and connect an account.
Logging in through this Gmail link prompt will authenticate for the extension panel in the upper right of Chrome.
If you need to switch, you'll need to follow the extension log out instructions above.

How do I connect my DocuSign account with the Google Drive app functionality?
This is asserted on a session-by-session basis as part of sending. Just attempt to send and you should be prompted to log in.
Since the Google Drive functions are limited to sending and automated writeback, so a persistent account connection is not necessary.
To change the account connection for your session, you should be able to just close the browser or clear the cache.

I've sent a number of envelopes through a connected account from a number of methods, where are they stored?
Log into the with the account you've been connected with and you should see sent items in the DocuSign web console.
The associated account stores items sent from any integration or method. If you don't see them, you'll want to verify you are in the correct account.
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How do I to send with a template?
  1. Click the extension icon in the upper right of the Chrome window
  2. Click the three horizontal lines icon in the upper left to reach more functionality
  3. Click Templates
  4. Choose a template and click Use

I don't see the .pdf viewer button when I open a .pdf file I downloaded to my hard disk
The button only appears for online documents, not locally stored ones. Examples based on address bar content:
NO: file:///C:/Users/first.last/folder/ds-for-google-drive.pdf

I'm sending from Gmail and Google Drive I'm asked "who needs to sign the document?" with options. What does each mean?
Only Me - a self signature where you drag items in and get a completed copy without involving anyone else.
Me & Others - signature is required for myself as well as one or more other parties.
Only Others - I don't need to sign, but I need to send the document to others for signature.