DocuSign for Dynamics – DocuSign actions not staying enabled for entities


A System Administrator in Dynamics 365 CRM is trying to adjust the account settings and enable DocuSign actions for entities. When adding the actions on the entities, the changes appear to be saved, but after refreshing the page, the actions are not saved for the entities in DocuSign Admin.

Enable DocuSign for Entities and save
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DocuSign actions are not saved after reloading the page
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This issue may occur if the Dynamics 365 CRM tenant is in a language different than English. The DocuSign application is looking for the role “System Administrator” and if your tenant is in another language (French or German for example), the role might have been translated into a different language.


DocuSign is currently working on a solution to accept other languages than English, but in the meantime a solution could be to create a new “System Administrator” role and assign it to the user making the connection between DocuSign and Dynamics.


  1. From your Dynamics account, go to Settings > Security > Security Role > Click New to create a new security role
  2. Type “System Administrator” for the Role Name and click Save and Close 
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  1. Assign the newly created role to the administrator making the connection between DocuSign and Dynamics by going to Settings > Security > Users
  2. Select a user and go to Manage Roles; the Manage User Roles pop-up will appear. Simply add the newly created role to this user
    Please note that you might need to log out and log back into your Dynamics account
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  1. Go back to DocuSign Admin (Settings > DocuSign Admin) and enable the entities again