DocuSign eSignature Fundamentals

This series of short videos covers a range of topics on DocuSign eSignature. Videos can be viewed in any order. Captions and subtitles in different languages can be toggled on. 

Additional self-paced content and live instructor-led course schedules can be accessed on DocuSign University.

Video: Sign a Document with DocuSign
Learn how to sign a document with DocuSign using common fields and other signing actions. (4:36)


Video: Navigate Your DocuSign eSignature Account
Learn how to navigate the DocuSign application and where to go for help and support. (1:16)

Video: Send an Envelope with DocuSign
Learn how to send an envelope with DocuSign, including uploading documents, adding recipients, defining the workflow, customizing messaging and using standard recipient fields. (1:58)

Video: Sign Your Own Document with DocuSign
Learn how to sign your own document and send a copy to additional recipients. (1:22)

Video: Send an Envelope Using a Template
Learn how to send an envelope using a template when the document doesn't change. (3:20)

Video: Apply a Template to an Envelope
Learn how to apply a template to an envelope manually and by using template matching. (1:58)

Video: Send an Envelope Using Bulk Send
Learn how to send one document to multiple recipients at a time using Bulk Send. (3:54)

Video: Manage a DocuSign Envelope
Learn how to manage your DocuSign envelopes, including resending, correcting, voiding, creating a copy, and deleting an envelope. (5:07)


Video: Create a DocuSign Template
Learn how to create a DocuSign template for eSignature. (3:54)

Video: Edit a DocuSign Template
Learn how to edit an existing DocuSign template. (1:41)

Video: Set Template Matching Behaviors
Learn how to adjust and set the template matching behaviors for your account. (2:09)

Video: Share a DocuSign Template
Learn how to share a DocuSign template with other Users on your account. (2:20)

Video: Protect a DocuSign Template From Changes
Learn how to limit changes to templates and template fields. (3:19)

Video: Create a DocuSign PowerForm
Learn how to create and distribute a PowerForm. (4:33)