DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate Supported Browsers

DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate supports the following browsers:

Supported Browsers
Internet Explorer9 (See below for details)
ChromeCurrent -1
FirefoxCurrent -1
SafariCurrent -1
OperaCurrent -1

Current -1 denotes that we support the current release version of the browser and the version that preceded it.

Our Commitment to modern browsers

We are committed to developing web applications that go beyond the limits of traditional transaction management software. Our development teams have built DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate using an array of new capabilities only available in modern, up-to-date browsers. This makes the application faster, more secure and easier to use. This is why we made the decision to only support modern browsers with the current and future versions.

We support the latest browsers on a rolling basis. Each time a new browser version is released, we begin supporting that version and stop supporting the third most recent version.

Unsupported Browsers

While Rooms for Real Estate might function without major issues in older browser versions, we do not actively test the application in them, and generally do not fix bugs that may appear in them.

Rooms for Real Estate members with unsupported browsers will find that the following features do not function correctly:

  • Drag and drop from your desktop
  • Viewing a PDF within your browser
  • An optimized mobile browser experience
  • Fastest possible page loading
  • Fastest possible browser performance when performing actions within the application

What if my organization doesn't allow me to update my browser?

Organizations that depend on old versions of Internet Explorer may wish to consider a dual-browser strategy.

For further DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate Help & Support, please contact us.