Rooms for Real Estate - One Login Help

Why have I landed on this page?
  • There was an issue while linking your DocuSign and DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate account through our One Login feature. This could be due to many different factors that are explained below.
Potential Reasons:
  1. Rooms for Real Estate is not currently offered as part of your DocuSign plan.
  2. The One Login feature is in its first iteration and doesn’t allow all users to link both their DocuSign and Rooms for Real Estate accounts. Your account type may not be part of the first iteration.
  3. You may have selected the wrong DocuSign account to link to during the one login process.
Solutions (corresponding to the reasons above):
  1. Please submit a support case and ask for DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate to be added to your plan (additional charges may apply). Request to move to a DocuSign for Realtors plan, which includes Rooms for Real Estate free for one year. Click here for plans and pricing information.
  2. Our One Login feature is currently available for all DocuSign for Realtors Plus, DocuSign for Real Estate Plus, DocuSign for Realtors, and DocuSign for Real Estate customers. If you are a Broker Edition customer, this feature will not be available until later this year. We will be contacting all users once the One Login feature is available.
  3. If your DocuSign account has multiple accounts tied to it (multiple accounts tied to the same email address), you will be asked to select from which account you want to link to your Rooms for Real Estate account to. If a DocuSign account is selected that doesn’t include Rooms for Real Estate, you will not be able to utilize the one login feature. To fix this issue, clear your browser’s cache (this can be found in your browsers settings area). Next, go through the One Login process once again (click here for instructions) and select a different DocuSign account to link to (shown below).
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For further Rooms for Real Estate Help & Support, please contact us.