How to add a template to an envelope - DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate

Users have the ability to add one or more templates to an envelope from their DocuSign template library. This can be templates created by the user or shared with the user by their company or another user.

To add a template to an envelope:

1. Click the “Add Document” drop-down within the envelope you are preparing to send out for signature (this can be a new envelope or an envelope you are correcting).

2. Select “Template”.
User-added image
3. Click the “My Templates” drop down and select from which folder you want to add a template.
a. Search is available below the “My Templates” drop-down. This allows you to search from within the folder you have selected.
User-added image

4. Select one of more templates you want to add to the envelope.
a. You can select multiple templates from multiple folders.
b. To clear all of your selections across all folders, click the “Clear All” button.
5. Click “Add”.
6. You have the ability to remove and/or reorder the template documents within the envelope. The template documents have a unique TMPL icon.
User-added image
7. Click “Add Recipient” to assign recipients to specific roles defined by the template(s) added to the envelope.
8 Click “Pre-Tagged Roles”.
User-added image
9. Select which recipient should be assigned to which role by clicking the drop-down to the right of each role and clicking the circle to the left.
a. Not all roles need to be assigned when sending out an envelope.
b. If the recipient is not part of the Transaction Room, click the circle on the left and leave the “Select Recipient” as is. You will be able to manually enter their name and email within the Recipient section after selecting “Add”.
User-added image
10. Click “Add”.
11. Once you’re templates and recipients are set up, click “Next” in the upper right corner.
12. Adjust any tags within the tagging page and click “Send” or “Correct” in the upper right corner.



  1. When adding templates to an envelope, there will be a few seconds of load time to bring the template documents into the envelope.
  2. All template documents that are added to an envelope are also added to the Transaction Rooms as flattened PDFs for documentation purposes. Deleting those flattened PDFs from the room will not affect the templates within the envelope nor the user of that template in the future.
  3. Do not select the flattened PDFs from Transaction Docs if you want those documents to contain the template’s tags and pre-tagged roles. Select templates from the “Templates” option within “Add Documents”.