Hierarchy and Permissions FAQ - Rooms for Real Estate v5

Rooms for Real Estate v5 Hierarchy

The DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate Hierarchy determines how your users can access and view Transactions and decides the visibility and access that Users have into other Users’ Transactions. It also depicts the Transaction Managers Approval Process.

User-added image

System Admin

  • Cannot be locked out and cannot be deleted from the account
  • Cannot create Transaction Rooms
  • Has access into all Transaction Room data – this is a ‘Read-Only’ account
  • Only Login that:
  • Manages Branding 
  • Can customize Transaction Detail fields
  • Can regulate all manager level permissions
  • Can determine whether a Manager Level User is automatically/manually added

Manager-Level Users

  • Manager accounts have all the same abilities as an Agent account
  • Titles are only applicable to Manager Level Users – Titles have no connection to permissions
  • Managers can create– their own and Agents
  • Three different levels of Managers – Company, Regional, Office
If given the permission:
  • Access to the Admin tab– adding users and updating the company settings
  • Can create Task List Templates
  • Can approve Transactions
Company Manager
  • Can have the same rights/access as the System Admin
  • Can see Region(s) and Office(s) information/Transactions
  • Can add Region and Office level Managers
Region Manager
  • Can see Office(s) information/Transactions
  • Can add Office level managers
Office Manager
  • Can see their own Office’s information/Transactions
  • Can only add Agents 


  • Can manage their account settings: Profile, Contact Information, Notifications, Inbound Email, DocuSign Signature Settings, and Integrations
  • Can create Transaction Rooms for their Office
  • Invite Participants, Add Documents, Send Envelopes
  • Can attach Task Lists to a Transaction Room and apply documents to the Tasks
  • Submit completed Tasks and Transaction Rooms

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