Co-Owners - Rooms for Real Estate v5

Are you co-listing a property with another Agent in your brokerage? Do they need equal access to your transaction room?

DocuSign Transaction Rooms now offers a co-owner feature so the owner of a Transaction Room can invite one or more people from their brokerage on the same side of the transaction to be co-owners of the room.

The ability to add multiple owners of a Transaction Room allows Agents and Transaction Coordinators as well as teams to work together on a transaction without having to hunt one another down for updates regarding the deal. This keeps the deal moving forward and saves time for all parties involved.

All co-owners have the same access to be able to edit the room, view/complete tasks and see/edit documents.

How to add a co-owner to a room

  1. In the "People" tab, click "Add", choose "From Network" and select a member of your brokerage you wish to add
  2. Set the users "Side" to the same as the room owner (co-owners must be on the same side of the transaction) and click "Add"
  3. Once added, click on their "tile" in the People tab and go to Access.
  4. Click the drop down next to Access Level and select Owner as shown below:
  1. Repeat this process to make as many people owners as you like.
  2. All owners of a Transaction Room will be labeled Transaction Owner on the People tab in the room and they will also be shown in the Owner section when viewing all Transaction Rooms.

Transaction Room Co-Owner Feature Notes 
  • There can be unlimited room co-owners.
  • Only a room owner can add co-owners
  • When someone shares a document with an owner in the room, all other owners can see and edit it
  • Any owner has the ability to change other owners back to participant. If an owner is moved back to the Participant status, they will no longer have access to anything they were not explicitly shared.
  • Any co-owner can remove others from room.
  • There must always be at least one owner for the room
  • Manager level users who have been invited to the room (and not automatically added to the room) can be added as co-owners. 

Document Owners

If you are a Transaction Owner, you have the ability to manage the Transaction Room and the documents within it. It is easy to see who now has the ability to manage documents by checking the following two areas:

1) The bottom of the document when in Tile view on the Documents tab.
User-added image

2) Owner column when in List view on the Documents tab:
User-added image