Company Dashboard - Rooms for Real Estate v5 Broker Edition

The Company Dashboard lets managers track how agents, offices, and regions are performing. It allows you to compare revenue, closings, agent rankings, and more.

This performance data automatically flows into your dashboard once you begin using DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate for all your transactions.

The Dashboard displays a series of Transaction Charts, a Performance Ranking table, and a list of Today's Transaction Activity.

Transaction Charts:

The transaction charts show cumulative totals and provide a graphical display of transaction information for the selected filters. The charts can be filtered by time period, region, and office depending on your manager level.

Each chart shows the cumulative total and associated value for the chart type on the left and a graphical representation on the right. Information for the previous time period is also shown below the numbers, along with a calculated percentage change, and in gray in the graph. This way you can see how current numbers compare to the previous time period.

Note: Information for the previous time period is only shown if data is available. New users won't see the information until there is time to build up the data.

The Transaction Charts are:

  • Transactions Approved: This shows the number and 'Contract Amount' value of the transactions that have closed and been approved internally.
  • New Listings: This shows the number and 'Original Listing Amount' value of transactions created.
  • Transactions Expired: This shows the number and 'Current Listing Amount' value of listings that you've lost due to the expiration of the listing agreement.
  • Transactions Lost: This shows the number and 'Current Listing Amount' value of transactions lost due to the contract being cancelled or the deal falling through.

Performance Rankings

The Performance Rankings table allows you to gain visibility into how your agents, offices, and regions rank in terms of their performance across various metrics.

The table can be filtered by transaction type, time period, region, office, and type (Region, Office, or Agents). It can also be sorted by transactions or value from highest to lowest or vice versa. As with other filters, the options available depend on your manager level.

Today's Transaction Activity

This is shown on the right side of the dashboard and provides a snapshot of the day's transaction activity.

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