DocuSign Signature Appliance Web App Technical FAQs

The DocuSign Signature Appliance Web App enables you to accelerate your workflows even further by providing comprehensive access – any time, in any location, from any computer or mobile device.

Signing with DocuSign Signature Appliance Web App

How do I change the signature appearance/settings?

You can modify and update your user settings that affect the Web App session. All these parameters are kept in your user account inside the DocuSign Signature appliance. To modify user settings:
  1. Open the drop-down menu adjacent to your username, in the top-right corner of the Web App window.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Optionally, set any of the following:
  • Title – Enter a default title.
  • Default Signature Appearance – Specify the appearance of signature fields you will be creating. Set the appearance by selecting or deselecting the following:
    • Show graphical signature
    • Show date and time
    • Show my name
    • Show my title
    • Show signature reason
    • Reasons for Signing – You can maintain a list of reasons that are displayed whenever a reason needs to be added to a digital signature. You can add reasons to the list and remove reasons from the list, edit existing reason and select a reason to be the default reason.

Do you keep a copy of my signed file?

The DocuSign Signature Appliance Web App manages all files and other elements such as graphical images in memory, and does not leave any footprints of files or other sensitive data in the local hard disk of the DocuSign Signature Appliance Web App’s platform.

How to Use the Web App

Can the Web App work with DocuSign Signature Appliance?

Web App can be set up to work with DocuSign Signature Appliance. When configured to work with DocuSign Signature Appliance, a private instance of Web App is installed on a server within the organization.

What are the system requirements for installing Web App?

If you want to run DocuSign Signature Appliance Web App, here's what it takes:
  • Windows 2008 R2 and above
  • Microsoft IIS version 7
  • NET Framework 4.7.2 extended
  • DocuSign Signature Appliance client v9.1 (or above)
  • DocuSign Signature Appliance server version 9.1 (or above)

Which browsers support Web App?

Web App supports the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer (9 and above)
  • Safari
  • Opera
We recommend using DocuSign Signature Appliance with the latest version of these browsers.

Where can I download it?

If you’re an enterprise client please submit a case on the DocuSign Support Center.

Which online file storage services I can integrate with?

The document that needs to be signed can be extracted from a Cloud-based file storage service, signed using the DocuSign Signature Appliance Web App, and then loaded back to the Cloud-based file storage system or sent via email. The following Cloud-based file storage services are currently supported: Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box.

Have an issue? To get Support, please log in to submit a case and select Signature Appliance (DSA) as the category.