DocuSign Signature Appliance - GetLogs tool to download debug, full events and audit logs


DocuSign Signature Appliance


Logs are particularly useful when troubleshooting issues with the DocuSign Signature Appliance. To facilitate obtaining these logs, DocuSign created a utility program that allows admin users to easily download the debug, full events and audit logs at the same time. 


Running the utility can be accomplished from any Microsoft Windows computer with the DocuSign Signature Appliance client and admin software installed.

How to use the GetLogs tool?

1. Download and run the program:
2. Enter all the necessary information
a. Username – Must be DSA Admin
b. Password
c. Appliance IP address - Can be DNS as well
d. Active Directory - Should be checked when working inside a domain with DSA admin user
e. Is Built-in Admin? - Should be checked as well as checkbox when connecting to an AD mode appliance using the built-in user
f. Path to save the folder

User-added image

3. Click Connect.
4. If the connection is successful, the Connect button will change to Download and a new .ZIP file will be created to replace the initial folder. The new filename should include the appliance serial number.
    If the login is unsuccessful, you should receive a warning message and the button will remain as “Connect”.

Known issues

  • Repeating the process might produce an empty .ZIP file
  • In the event of an empty .ZIP file, please close the application and try again
  • If you receive an error when trying to run the program, we would recommend to close and re-open the tool
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Thank you,
The Signature Appliance Group at DocuSign Support