DocuSign Signature Appliance Activating Cloud Monitoring

DocuSign Signature Appliance (DSA)
Starting firmware v8.5, the DocuSign Signature Appliances provides an ability to activate cloud monitoring which tracks events originating inside the DSA Appliance.
  • You need the Administrator version of the DocuSign Signature Appliance Client installed on a workstation;
  • You need administrator credentials for the DocuSign Signature Appliance.
To activate cloud monitoring, please enable the following system parameters in the Appliances Management snap-in:
  1. Log into the Primary Appliance via Appliances Management on the DocuSign Signature Appliance client;
  2. Under System Parameters > Advanced
  3. Change Cloud Monitoring value from 0 to 2
  4. In the Cloud Monitoring Reporting Type, enter 15
  5. In the Cloud Monitoring Timer, enter 3600
  6. For the changes to be applied please perform a Soft Restart of the appliance from All Tasks > Restart > Soft Restart
  7.  Where there are multiple DocuSign Signature Appliances in a single cluster, please wait 2 minutes and Soft Restart each Alternative Signature Appliance
The following describes the above system parameters:
Cloud Monitoring – This value indicates the type of monitoring used for sending information to a Cloud Monitoring system. It can have the following values:
  • 0 – Not activated
  • 2 – External Production-based cloud monitoring. Should be used when the appliance is deployed by customers.

Cloud Site ID – a string identification value that should be configured if instructed to do so by DocuSign Signature Appliance support.

Cloud Monitoring Reporting Type – The type of additional information sent to the DocuSign monitoring system. This field receives a bit flag value, meaning that you can set a combination of parameters.

  • 1 – Basic
  • 2 – Marketing
  • 4 – Support.
  • 8 – Licensing


DocuSign Signature Appliance Support recommends this parameter be set to 15.

Cloud Monitoring timer – The reporting time interval (in seconds)

DocuSign Signature Appliance Support recommends this parameter be set to 3600.

Please note you must have an outbound connection open on port 17021 for the following DNS -


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Thank you,
The Signature Appliance Group at DocuSign Support