DocuSign Insight - Improving UI performance or eliminating errors by clearing the browser cache


When accessing the Insight UI for Discovery in version 7, you may see performance decrease or errors thrown by the system when logging in or changing to various screens. There can also be performance issues with actions like creating or downloading exports of contracts. The effect of these issues can vary by the amount of usage or by the browser in question.

This issue applies to version 7.



In order to eliminate the error messages and/or increase the overall performance, you should clear the cache in the browser. This is applicable to all browsers supported by the application, and will remove expired or out of context items to increase the performance of the browser as it is used to access the UI. The need for clearing the browser can usually be confirmed by using a different supported browser to access the UI. For example, if you normally use Mozilla Firefox to access the UI, attempt to log in with Google Chrome to confirm that it is the browser causing the issues.

Additional Information: The newer versions of the Insight application uses different technology components, and these changes and new components seem to be related to the need to clear the browser cache. The cache can retain expired application information that can lead to 'confusion' when the browser attempts to access particular components, and can lead either to errors displayed on screen or the overall slow down in UI performance.