DocuSign Envelopes Sent in Error

Much like a postal mail carrier or email service provider, DocuSign behaves as a delivery service for your digital transactions. If a DocuSign Envelope is sent in error, there are a few actions that can be taken depending on where your document is in the signing process.

Scenario 1: I sent my Document to the wrong recipient OR I sent the wrong Document:  

Is the Document still in process?

YES – An in-process Document can be corrected or voided by the Sender to prevent access. For more information on how carry out these actions, please see the following related articles:
NO – Unfortunately, once the Document has reached Completed status, there is no quick fix to immediately eliminate the file. Just like mailing a physical envelope, the recipient has received a copy of the Document which cannot be revoked. We suggest reaching out to the recipient party to establish an agreement related to the handling of the completed Document. 

Our industry-leading systems and security processes are meant to safeguard your Documents, signatures, and data. We highly recommend to preview and verify all recipients and related content is correct before sending a Document through DocuSign. As mentioned above, the best course of action for a Document sent in error is to reach out to the recipient party in order to establish an agreement regarding the completed Document.  

Scenario 2: My company requires us to purge completed Documents:

If your business or use case requires that all previously and newly completed DocuSign Documents be permanently removed from DocuSign servers, you may want to consider enabling and configuring Document Retention in your DocuSign account’s settings. 

Learn more:  Document Retention