DocuSign API - Go Live Process FAQ

What is the DocuSign API Go Live process and why is it needed?

The Go Live process is a process API developers use to go live with their integrations. The result is that their Integration Key (aka API Key) gets enabled in the live DocuSign environment so they can start sending legally binding signature requests through their app.

Who needs to go through the Go Live process?

Any DocuSign API integration that wants to access the live production environment must go through this process.  This is required for both Partner and Customer integrations.

Does the API Go Live process cost anything? 

No, there is no charge for the API Go Live process and you may promote as many Integration Keys to the production environment as you would like.  All you need is a live DocuSign account to promote the key to, as well as Admin privileges to the account.

What is required to Go Live with the DocuSign API?  

To go live with the DocuSign API you need a developer sandbox account & Integration Key, 20 or more API transactions run using the key in 24 hours, and an active production DocuSign account.  You also need Administrator privileges to the live production account to enable the key.

What generally happens during the Go Live process?

Developers select the date they ran their 20+ test transactions and our system then scans for and reviews their API transactions and check for eligibility.  Once valid transactions are found the developer then selects the production account they want to promote the key to.

How long does the Go Live process normally take?

The new, automated process can take anywhere from a few hours to three business days, based on how complete a submission the developer has.  If they have valid 20+ transactions in 24 hours, an active live DocuSign account, and admin access to the account the process can take as little as a few hours.

How do I start the Go Live Process?

Since Integration Keys can only be created through free developer sandbox accounts you first need to create a developer sandbox and integration key from the Developer Center.  Once you have run 20+ transactions access the API and Keys page from your sandbox account in 24 hours, select a key, then select Review Transactions to start the process.

How can I find out more?

See the Go Live section of the Developer Center, or email