Creating a Room in the DTR Mobile App - Rooms for Real Estate v5

A room is a safe and secure location where you can store all of the documents related to a particular transaction. Those involved in a transaction have access to this virtual room, and can work with the documents involved in this transaction.

You can create a room from the DocuSign Transaction Rooms mobile app on your tablet or smartphone and invite others to your transaction room.

Create a transaction room using your tablet or smartphone

  1. From the Transactions screen, tap the Add Transaction Room icon.
  2. Edit the Room Owner details as needed.
  3. Update the Room Information section.
  4. Tap Side and Role and select the desired options.
  5. Enter the address of the property.
  6. Tap Transaction Photo to add a photo of the property, either by taking a new photo or selecting an existing one.
  7. Adjust the crop settings as desired, then tap Choose.
  8. When finished, tap the SAVE or CREATE. If you do not want to save the room, tap CANCEL.

Your new transaction room appears in your Transactions screen. It also appears in the Transactions screen of those you invite to participate in the transaction.

You can now add and digitally sign documents in the transaction room. You can also add existing contacts or invite new contacts to join the transaction room.

For further DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate Help & Support, please contact us.