Creating Rooms on Behalf of an Agent or Manager - Rooms for Real Estate v5

Manager accounts have the ability to create their own Transaction Rooms, as well as create Transaction Rooms on behalf of their agents and managers (who are lower within the company hierarchy).

These manager accounts need the Can Manage Transaction Rooms permission enabled. With that permission enabled, the manager account can create Transaction Rooms only for agents/managers within their assigned office(s), region(s), or company. Managers with the same level access (office, region, company) as another manager are known as Peer Managers, and will not be able to create Transaction Rooms for each other.

(For more information about adding a manager account to your brokerage: Adding a Manager Account to Your Brokerage.)

To create a Transaction Room for an Agent:

  1. From within the Transactions tab, click NEW.

  1. Click Room Owner drop-down and select Assign ownership to another manager/agent and click to select the assignee.

  1. Enter in the remaining required Transaction Room information, including the agent/manager's role and side.

  1. When finished, click CREATE.

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