Counter Offer Best Practices - DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate

In Real Estate there are a lot of negotiations that take place. While some DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate and DocuSign eSignature don’t have a redline tool in place, here is a work around and some best practices when it comes to creating counter offers.

Counter Offer using the Correct Feature

1) Log into, click on the Manage Tab, and then click on the In-Process Envelope and then select Correct.
Once in the envelope, find the information that is being negotiated and drag a text box on top of the text.
i.e. in the Listing Contract, if they are negotiating the amount the owner has to pay the broker:
User-added image

3) Click on the Text Box. On the right hand-side the text fields properties will appear – click on the Add Text box and enter in enough dashes (-) or X’s to cover the initial text.
User-added image

4) Next, update the formatting so the dashes or X’s are easier to see:
User-added image

5) Drag another blank text field on the document, enter in the new number and then select Read Only in the Text Box Properties:
User-added image

6) Lastly, drag an Initial Tag out for the Seller/Buyer to initial.
User-added image

7) Click Save and Resend.

NOTE: As long as the document is In-Process, you can correct it as many times as needed. For more
information on Correcting an Envelope, Click Here.

Counter Offer – Resending a New Envelope

1) Log into, click on the Transaction Tab, and then click on the Listing (alternatively, you can use the Transaction Finder and search for the active Transaction):
User-added image

2) Once in the Transaction, select the Documents Tab, find the Completed and Signed Envelope that is being negotiated:
User-added image

-If you are completing your forms outside of Transaction Rooms or scanning a paper copy and uploading it to the listing, there will not be a Green Signed badge.

3) Right Click on the document and a list of document actions will appear:
User-added image

4) Select Create Envelope from the document action list, and then fill out the Envelope Details:
User-added image

5) Click Next, and it will take you to the DocuSign Signature Envelope Page

To complete the process, review steps 2 through 7 above.

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