Return Policy for DocuSign Signature Appliance (formerly CoSign Central) and DocuSign HSM Appliance (formerly PrivateServer HSM)

Any Customers or Distributors wishing to return goods to DocuSign for any reason must contact DocuSign Customer Support and request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to returning the goods.

This procedure refers to goods under warranty (or under a maintenance agreement), out of warranty, and evaluation materials that are shipped back to DocuSign.

To obtain an RMA number, please log in to submit a case and select Signature Appliance (CoSign) or HSM Appliance (Private Server) as the category.

The request should contain the following:

  • Product Name
  • Product Serial Number
  • Reason for the return

DocuSign's Customer Support Team will approve the RMA and respond to the you with an RMA number.

After receiving the RMA, please return all products in either the original packaging or a substitute packaging of equal protection. We ask that you ensure that the RMA number is prominently indicated on the outside and the inside of the box.

Please note that the appliance's hard drive may contain sensitive data in encrypted form. If you prefer to avoid any possibility of data exposure (which is theoretically impossible without having the needed key material), you may dismantle the hard drive and keep it. You may also apply your company's policy on destroying magnetic media.