CoSign Cloud Product Lifecycle

CoSign Cloud Product Lifecycle

Special Announcements – Product Lifecycle – End of Support as of:

February 01, 2018 (service-offline date)

We have worked with two partners that can offer you very similar functionality and if you wish to continue using a service similar to CoSign Cloud we encourage you to contact at least one of them as soon as possible.  They are:

In the EU Contact:
David Kifarkis
Kifarkis Netsecure MSET

In the US Contact:
Brian Hase
Agile Frameworks


If you do nothing by the above service-offline date your user account information, i.e., graphic-signature images may be lost if you have not already backed them up on your local system. 

Take action by Feb. 01, 2018, you will lose access to ARX CoSign Cloud as of that date.