DocuSign Signature Appliance FAQs

DocuSign Signature Appliance (formerly CoSign Central) is the most trusted, on-premise, embedded signing solution to power approval and agreement processes in regulated industries and markets.

What is DocuSign Signature Appliance?

DocuSign Signature Appliance is the most trusted, on-premise, embedded electronic signature solution to power approval and agreement processes behind your firewall. Built using industry-standard digital signature technology with key security certifications including FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL4+, it has a decade-long track record of success enabling regulated transactions in Healthcare, Life Sciences, Public Sector, Engineering, Construction and Energy and Utilities worldwide. Pre-built connectors for the most popular ID management, document authoring, document management and workflow applications enable you to add electronic signing and sealing to your existing systems and preserve your current business processes.

Will my documents be secure?

Documents are saved locally within the enterprise boundaries, without exporting them to a third party site. DocuSign Signature Appliance is FIPS 140-2 level certified. This means that all users' keys are kept in a secure box and only the user is authorized to access his/her key. The appliance features many security related functionalities that protect the users' signature keys. DocuSign Signature Appliance is Common Criteria EAL 4+ certified according to the 93/1999 EU signature directive.

How many signers does the DocuSign Signature Appliance support?

DocuSign Signature Appliance  supports an unlimited number of signers.

What ECM/DM systems can the DocuSign Signature Appliance integrate with?

The DocuSign Signature Appliance integrates into your existing systems infrastructure and business process, including the most popular document management and workflow systems, to preserve your existing processes and polices ensuring continuity and efficiency. DocuSign Signature Appliance integrates directly with SharePoint, OpenText, Nintex and K2.

Does the DocuSign Signature Appliance work online and on mobile devices?

Yes! It works online and on mobile devices when set up with DocuSign Signature Appliance Web App. Also available is the DocuSign Signature Appliance mobile app enables you to digitally sign your documents from your mobile device anywhere, anytime. For more information please contact

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