Centralized DocuSign Signature Appliance Client Installation

DocuSign Signature Appliance - How to Deploy the Client using Microsoft SCCM

DocuSign Signature Appliance Client

The DocuSign SA client can be centrally deployed in any environment, using various methods. Some of the methods can be based on Microsoft Active Directory or alternative Microsoft tools or on third party tools. It is essential to use such utilities in the case of large deployments.
Microsoft SCCM (System Center Configuration Management) enables you to automatically perform remote software installations. Using this feature, you can install the DocuSign SA client on all relevant workstations without user intervention, resulting in a smooth deployment of the DocuSign SA system in a large-scale organization. For more information refer to the Microsoft documentation at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sccm/.

Automatic deployment in a Microsoft Active Directory can be performed as follows:
  1. Place the contents of the MSI directory of the DocuSign SA package in a specific shared location in the domain, such as a shared disk drive of the domain server or any other Microsoft-based file server in the domain.
  2. Define a Task Sequence in Microsoft SCCM. When the task sequence is advertised, the relevant workstations will install the DocuSign SA client software. 

A detailed guide is available here.

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