Benefits of Delegated Permissions

Certain DocuSign users need limited administrative permissions on the DocuSign account.

The DocuSign Administrator permission profile is an extremely powerful role.  Not only does the administrator have the ability to define account-wide settings, but they also have the ability to grant sharing rights to any user on the account. 

There may be times when limited administrative permissions are needed by specific users.
The solution to this is to use the "Account Management Delegated" feature.  This allows the DocuSign account administrator to set up limited admin profiles whose members are able to control only Users, Groups, Admins, and/or Sharing Rights but without full administrative privileges.  
Note: Some advanced features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign plans. Your account plan might not support some options discussed in this help topic. For more information about which options are available for your account, check your account plan or visit our Contact Support Page and create a case.