Rooms for Real Estate - Approving or Rejecting Task Lists

With a Broker account, managers have the ability to approve or reject documents in Task Lists submitted by agents.
Note: Agent accounts cannot approve or reject tasks or Task Lists.

To approve or reject a task within a Task List:

  1. From your DocuSign Transaction Rooms Broker account, click the Transactions icon.
    Note: To view all of the tasks that are awaiting your approval, click on the Tasks dashboard located next to the activity dashboard.
  2. Click on the Transaction Room that contains the checklist you need to review. That transaction room could be located in either the Active or Review tab. 
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  1. Click the Tasks tab, then click on the specific task you’d like to review.
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  1. Click the Tasks Actions icon in the upper left and click Review.
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  • You can also right-click on the document and select review.
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  • Remember: You do need to view all documentation that's included in a task before approving it.
  1. Select Approve or Decline. If you do Decline the task, you are required to enter a comment.
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  1. Once you’ve approved all task list items, you can approve the entire task list. To do that, click the Actions dropdown from either the Tasks or Documents section.
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  1. Select Review Task List.
  2. Select Approve or Decline.
    • A green checkmark will be placed next to the task list name once an entire task is completed. 

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