Rooms for Real Estate - Approving or Rejecting a Transaction Room

With a Broker account, managers have the ability to approve or reject Transaction Rooms submitted by agents.

Note: Agent accounts cannot approve or reject Transaction Rooms.

To approve or reject a Transaction Room, follow these steps:

  1. From your DocuSign Transaction Rooms Broker account, click the Transactions icon.
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    Note: The number of Transactions awaiting your approval is displayed next to the Transactions icon.
  2. Click the REVIEW tab, then click the Transaction you want to approve or reject.
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  1. Click the DOCUMENTS tab, then click the ACTIONS button.
    Note: Prior to approving a Transaction Room, ensure that all of the Tasks are approved. 
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  1. Select the action you want to take:
    • Export Transaction Activity (pdf): Download the Transaction activity history in a PDF log file.
    • Approve Transaction: Approves and closes the Transaction. All associated Task Lists must be approved prior to approving a Transaction Room. 
      Add a comment if desired, then click APPROVE.
    • Reject Transaction: Rejects the Transaction and sends it back to the agent for further review.
      Add a comment if desired, then click REJECT.
    • Delete Transaction: A manager account with the required permission can delete a Transaction Room. After a Transaction Room is deleted, none of the information included within that Transaction will be recoverable. 

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