Admin Release Notes

DocuSign Admin Release | January 7th, 2020


  • Account Site ID is now displayed on the Billing and Usage page in eSignature Admin.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs in the Org Admin User Details page:
    • All external domain user profile details are now visible and editable by Org Admins and Org User Admins.
    • Selecting ‘Add a membership’ from the Actions drop-down now lands on the memberships page.
    • Duplicate federated ids no longer appear in the Identity Providers tab of the User Details page.
  • The Organization Overview page is now accessible from the side bar menu in Org Admin.
  • Links in the Users, Identity Providers, and Bulk Actions pages in Org Admin are now accessible by keyboard.
  • Closing an Org Administrator's account membership no longer removes their Org Admin permissions.
  • Admin Notification links for Release Notes now direct to localized pages.
  • When an admin tries to add a user to an account has reached its maximum number of users, the admin is notified that the user cannot be added.


DocuSign Admin Release | December 9th, 2019


Bulk Close External Accounts

Org Administrators can now quickly and efficiently bulk close employee memberships to free or freemium accounts that are not linked to the organization. This ensures agreements are only created from company-managed accounts.

  • This is available on the Bulk Actions page in Org Admin
  • Bulk Close actions are logged on the Bulk Actions Activities Tab
  • This feature requires the Org Admin permission profile


  • If an account is linked to an organization, the organization name and ID is now displayed on the Account Profile page in eSignature Admin.
  • For Org Administrators, the “Go to Admin” menu item in the eSignature application now directs users to the eSignature Admin home page for the account.

Bug Fixes

  • The Data Feed page in Org Admin has been temporarily disabled due to performance issues.
    Note: Existing Data Feed configurations will not be impacted, though the configuration page will no longer be visible.
  • When performing a bulk update of users in Org Admin, the user login policy is saved correctly.
  • Closing an Org Administrator's account membership no longer removes their Org Admin permissions.
  • An Org Administrator can set the auto-activate option for an individual account membership.
  • Fixed bugs in the Org Admin User Details page:
    • A user’s details page in Org Admin now displays the User ID.
    • If a user has multiple User IDs, each is now displayed along with any associated account memberships.
    • Org Administrators are now able to close individual User IDs when a user has multiple.
    • Claimed domains that are pending validation no longer appear when updating a user’s email address.
  • When adding an account membership for a new or existing user, the list of accounts is now alphabetized in Org Admin.
  • The Bulk Actions Activity Log displays the correct information in the Summary column for Bulk User Update actions.


DocuSign Admin Release | November 6th, 2019


New Navigation Experience

Org Admins and eSign admins can now navigate more easily between Org Admin and the eSign accounts they administer. Org admins can also quickly find the areas they need in their organization with a new navigation menu.

  • Org admins and eSign admins can use the Admin Switcher to navigate between Admins.
  • Org Admin now has a side menu for navigating between pages on Org Admin.
  • Both eSign Admin and Org Admin have a new header. In eSign Admin, admins are able to navigate directly to DocuSign eSignature.
  • Org Admin Home has updated tile icons.
  • The mobile navigation experience in eSign Admin and Org Admin has been updated.


Improved User Management experience in Organization Admin

The User Management experience in Organization Admin is updated and easier to use.

  • Admins no longer need to enter a user’s profile information for each account membership. Instead, admins enter the profile information once, and it is saved to all of the user’s account memberships.
  • Admins are presented with a final review screen before adding a user so that they can ensure the user’s information is correct.
  • When viewing a user’s details, an org admin can perform actions such as Make Org Admin, Add Account Membership, or Close User using the new Actions menu.

Update Create Org button

eSign Admins can now create an organization from the eSign Admin homepage.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bugs in the APIs and Keys page in eSign Admin

  • Updated the “Review” button text to be “Start Go-Live Review” or “Resubmit Go-Live Review”
  • Fixed the hyperlink navigation for Review Results.


DocuSign Admin Release | October 22nd, 2019


Terminology updates in Admin and Org Admin

  • Permission Sets’ was updated to ‘Permission Profiles’
  • ‘Delegated Admin Permissions’ was updated to ‘Delegated Permissions’
  • Organization Permission Profiles were updated to the following:
    • ‘Organization’ > Org Admin
    • ‘User’ > Org Users Admin
    • ‘Account Settings’ > Org Accounts Admin

New ID Verification Setting: Allow recipients to skip the identification process when their role is completed.

  • With this new setting, Admins can require or disable the need for repeating the identification process once a recipient's role is completed.

Bug Fixes

  • The Custom Help Contact form now accepts non-US phone number formats.


DocuSign Admin Release | October 7th, 2019

New Features

Admin Capabilities for DocuSign ID Verification

Admins with DocuSign Identify enabled can now create and manage Identity Verification configurations. These configurations are used by Senders to verify the identity of recipients. For each configuration Admins can restrict the list of countries that IDs will be accepted from as well as set the number of retry attempts that will be permitted before the envelope is locked.

For accounts with ID Verification and EU Advanced Signature, admins can also change the signature type applied in the recipient flow.

Custom Help Contact

Admins can provide guidance and contact information that is displayed to end-users when they select the help button in their DocuSign eSignature Account. This can be configured in the Account Profile page by full admins.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused sending fonts to not save properly in Admin.


DocuSign Admin Release | September 17th, 2019

New Features

Custom Help Contact (Currently available in Demo environment only)

Admins can provide guidance and contact information that is displayed to end-users when they select the help button in their DocuSign eSignature Account. This can be configured in the Account Profile page by full admins.


  • Applications are now called Connected Apps within Organization Admin to match the profile site.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused some admins with Users and Groups delegated permissions to lose access to the Permission Sets page in Admin.


DocuSign Admin Release | August 20th, 2019

New Features

Data Feeds

You can now configure data feeds using Organization Admin. This will allow to you quickly set up your integration key. Once added and configured by your development team, your organization will start retrieving data from all of your accounts. This data can be stored in your data warehouse and used as needed.

Enable Conditional Routing Setting

Admins can enable and disable conditional routing from the Sending Settings page. Conditional routing lets you route an envelope to different people based on envelope data. This eliminates the need to manually correct the envelope midway or to use separate templates with slight variations in routing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed an Organization Admin to assign themselves an admin permission set when reactivating a closed account membership.


DocuSign Admin Release | August 6th, 2019

New Features

Organization Admins Can Invite Accounts to Link to the Organization

Organization admins can now invite external domain accounts to link with the organization via email. An external domain account is an account that is not linked to the organization and has at least one member with an email address on the organization's claimed domain.

Benefits to the Organization:
  • Maintains separation and segregation of account management. Before, an Org Admin needed to gain admin rights to an account before linking it to the organization. Now, the Org Admin does not need to be an admin on the account to invite it to link to the organization.
  • Improves the SSO roll-out process by ensuring domain users maintain access to their accounts.

Feature Details:
  • The external domain account admin(s) will receive an invitation to link via email. If the account has multiple full admins, the first five admins on the account based on permission grant date will receive the invitation.
  • Any of these admins can accept or decline the invitation. If the admin declines, they must provide a reason.
  • All actions are audited, including sending, accepting, declining, and canceling an invitation.
  • An invitation to link to the organization can be sent to any external domain account that is not already linked to an Organization.


  • Organization Admins can now close Free or Freemium external domain account memberships regardless of whether the account is the user's default account. Previously, Organization Admins could only close such a membership if it was not the user's default account.
  • When an admin reactivates a user's closed membership in Organization Admin, the admin now stays on the user's account memberships page. Previously, the Admin was directed to the Users section of Organization Admin.


DocuSign Admin Release | July 17th, 2019

New Features

Organization Admins Can Bulk Update Domain User Email Addresses

Organization admins can now bulk update domain user email addresses using bulk actions. This will save org admins time and effort by replacing manual, repetitive actions.

  • Admins will use the existing bulk users update workflow to bulk update user email addresses.
  • The sample CSV has been updated to include an 'UpdatedUserEmail' column which can be used to modify existing domain user email addresses.
  • Bulk Update User Email can only be used on users who currently have an email address that uses the organization’s claimed domain.
  • The updated email address must use the organization’s claimed domain.
  • Availability: Organization Management or Enterprise Pro - Requires Bulk Import Users Entitlement
  • Admins can now view and copy their User ID from the API and Integrations page.


Bug Fixes

  • Issues with localization on Admin Home have been resolved.
  • Fixed the direct link to the Billing and Usage Admin page.

DocuSign Admin Release | June 18th, 2019

New Features

New Admin Notification Type: Core Releases

Admins are now notified of Core Releases through Admin Notifications on the new Admin Home page. This will help admins stay up to date on the newest DocuSign features and bug fixes, and will provide a link to the latest release notes.

Organization Admins Cannot Grant Themselves Account Admin Privileges

Organization admins can no longer grant themselves administrative permissions on accounts for which they were not already an administrator. They must instead be granted admin capabilities by an existing admin on the account.

Remove DocuSign Classic Permission Sets from the Everyone Group

Admins can now remove permission sets from the Everyone group. Assigning permission sets to groups was available in the Classic DocuSign Experience, but not supported in this version of Admin. Once permission sets are removed from the Everyone Group, admins can assign user permission sets individually.

Default Font Settings

Admins can now set a default font for the account, including Font, Size, and Color for the account (not Bold, Italic or Underlined). The setting is located in Sending Settings at the top of the Fields and Properties.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that occasionally prevented custom fields configured to Writeback to Salesforce from saving properly. ADMIN-7109

DocuSign Admin Release | June 4th, 2019

New Features

New Admin Notification Types

  • Connect Failures: Admins are now notified of Connect failures in real-time through Admin Notifications on the new Admin Home page. This will help admins address issues more quickly. 
  • One Admin on the Account: Admins are now notified if there is only one full admin on the account through Admin Notifications on the new Admin Home page. DocuSign recommends that every account have at least two full admins to mitigate risk. This notification can be disabled using the Security Setting “Notify me if this account only has one administrator.” The notification will only appear for paid accounts with two or more members. 

Hash-Based Message Authentication (HMAC) for Custom Connect Configurations
  • Admins now have the ability to validate custom connect configurations using hash-based message authentication codes (HMAC). HMAC can be used in conjunction with other security protocols like Mutual TLS for additional levels of security and payload integrity.

DocuSign Admin Release | May 21st, 2019

New Features

Admin Home and Admin Notifications

Admin Home is the new landing page for Admin, and it enables admins to quickly find what they need and stay up to date.

  • Admin Home allows admins to search for users, account settings, and use quick links to quickly find what they need. 
  • Admin Notifications provide just-in-time communications on important account health information, product release notifications, and DocuSign news and events.
  • Delegated admins will only see content that is accessible based on their delegated permission set.
  • Availability: All plans

Bulk Actions -  Account Settings Import

Organization admins can now quickly update account settings for multiple accounts using the Bulk Action - Account Settings Import.

  • Easily replicate another account’s settings by using Bulk Export and then Bulk Import.
  • Admins can also replicate a demo account’s settings on production by using Bulk Export in demo and Bulk Import in production.
  • A delegated org admin must have the Account Settings permission to access this feature.
  • Availability: Organization Management and Enterprise Pro plans

Compare Account Settings

Organization admins can more easily monitor and maintain their linked accounts by viewing and comparing all account settings in a single table.

  • When an admin compares settings between two accounts, the values that are different are highlighted
  • Admins can search settings by category and settings, as well as filter to show only matching values or only differing values
  • A delegated org admin must have the Account Settings permission to access this feature.
  • Availability: Organization Management and Enterprise Pro plans

Read-Only User Details

Admins with the Users and Groups permission can view pending and closed user details. Delegated Admins with the Users and Groups permission and without the Administrators permission can view the details of Admin users. Availability: All plans


DocuSign Admin Release | May 7th, 2019

New Features

Improved user experience of API and Keys page

The updated page will help guide developers to identify the desired OAuth method and associated parameters as they configure their Integration Key.

Custom Envelope Fields Auditing

Changes to Custom Envelope Fields are now captured in audit logs. This includes:
  • New, edited, and deleted Document Custom Fields
  • New, edited, and deleted Envelope Custom Fields

Bug Fixes

  • API and Keys page - Apps with a status of 'Review Passed' or 'Review Failed' for over 90 days are now marked as 'Review Expired' and must be resubmitted. 

DocuSign Admin Release | April 23rd, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the accuracy of the color contrast calculation in the Branding theme menu. (ADMIN-6688)