Adding or editing a graphical signature in CoSign Cloud

  1. Add a new signature by clicking New Signature or edit an existing one by clicking on the Edit Signature button
    • User-added image
  2. Create/edit a signature by drawing it, using text or uploading one in the form of an image.
    • User-added image
  3. Now specify the following definitions:
    • Signature Name – The name of the new graphical signature.
    • Image/Text Only – Whether the graphical signature will be based on an image or text.
    • Used For – The type of graphical signature: Full Signature, Initials, or Logo.  Only one logo is permitted per user. 
    • Select Color – The color of the foreground of the graphical signature. This option is available for monochrome images only.
Note: A graphical signature is limited to 29KB. A maximum of 140KB can be used for an entire set of graphical signatures. If a larger graphical image is desired, please store it in a local directory. Each local graphical signature is limited to 1 MB.