DocuSign Transaction Rooms - Adding an Agent Account to Your Brokerage

To add an agent account, sign in to your system admin account or a manager account with "Manage Company Member Accounts" permission enabled.

  1. Click the Admin option from the drop down menu accessed by clicking the profile area in the upper right corner of the screen.

User-added image

  1. Click Add Member and choose Agent.

  1. Enter first and last name along with their email address.
  2. Choose an office for the agent.

Note: An agent account can be a part of one office. If your agent needs to part of multiple offices, consider adding the agent as a manager account.

  1. Click ADD to finalize the setup. A notification will be sent to the provided email address.

Note: If you'd like to bulk add your agents and managers, please review DocuSign Transaction Rooms Bulk Agent Upload Templates.

For further DocuSign Transaction Rooms Help & Support, please contact us.