Adding a Manager Account to Your Brokerage - Rooms for Real Estate v5


Managers and DocuSign Transaction Rooms

You can add managers to your brokerage to oversee Transaction Rooms and documents. We define manager accounts as an account that needs additional access or rights above a standard agent account. A manager account can be used for transaction coordinators, managers, administrators, brokers, or any other titles your company may have.

Add a manager account:

To add a manager account, sign in to your administrator account or a manager account with "Manage Company Member Accounts" permission enabled.

  1. Click the Admin icon through your picture logo.

  1. Click Add Member and then Manager.

  1. Enter first and last name along with their email address.
  2. Choose a title for this specific account. Titles do not apply any special permissions automatically; each manager has specific permissions.

    Note: If additional titles are needed, add them within the Titles tab under the Company section.
  3. Click to select an Access Level.

Note: You can select to have the manager automatically added to Transaction Rooms or require them to be added manually. If you select the manual option, the Manager will only be added to a Transaction Room if they are invited.

  1. Assign the manager a permission level:
  • Company: The manager will have access to all agent and manager data (with permissions enabled).
  • Region: The manager will have access to all agent and manager data within the particular region(s) (with permissions enabled).
  • Office: The manager will have access to all agent and manager data within the particular office(s) (with permissions enabled).

  1. If a manager has region or office access, you will need to select which region or office to which they need access.

Note: If you choose company or regional access for the manager, a Default Office will need to be assigned. When a manager creates their own transaction rooms, those rooms will automatically be placed in their default office.

  1. Click to select the manager's Transaction Permissions.

Note: If you choose to let your manager be visible in Transaction Rooms, the manager will appear in the People tab as well as on the documents they have access to in the Transaction Rooms they are involved with.

  1. Click to select the manager's Company Permissions.

  • Manage Company Account Information: Provides the manager access to the Company tab within the Admin section.
  • Manager Company Member Accounts: Provides managers access to the Members tab within the Admin section.

Note: If a manager is granted access to either of these Company Permissions, they will be able to change company wide permissions and add additional users to the company.

  1. Click ADD to finalize the setup. A notification will be sent to the provided email address.

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