Account Login Redesign FAQ

We have streamlined the Account Login page, reducing the number of clicks to access your DocuSign account. Users can access their account through their email and password, Single Sign-On company login, or social login.

How does this new login design work?

The new design is vastly simplified. It starts by asking you to enter your email. Based on that, the page will display the correct method to sign into DocuSign. If you’re supposed to use a username/password, then DocuSign will proceed to prompt you for your credentials. If your organization has enabled SSO, then say no more – we send you straight to your Identity Provider. User-added image

How does this help you?

If you're logging in with SSO, the number of clicks to log in is decreased, allowing you to get on with your business faster.

Here's one example of how that experience improves for somebody logging in with SSO.

User-added image

User-added image

What else do you get with the login redesign?

The new login design meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The new design is now on par with DocuSign’s accessibility standards that are documented here:

This redesign is also being implemented in all of our apps, which means the login experience will improve across our iOS and Android apps, partner integrations, and any 3rd party app that uses account server. 

Will it work with password managers?

Password managers and applications like LastPass will continue to work without any change. In addition, Identity Services like Okta and Azure AD should not be disrupted as a result of this change.

How does the new login page remember my email address?

For convenience, the new login design will remember the username from your last login. That saves you from having to constantly enter in your email address every time you sign in to DocuSign. To log in with a different username, there’s a link called “Sign in as a different user”. And if you would like to ensure the login page does not remember your username, then always click the logout button when closing DocuSign. You can also clear your browser cookies to reset any save information in the browser.