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How do I log in to and access my DocuSign account?
System Requirements

Possible cause(s) for login issues


Update to a modern browser

If you are experiencing issues connecting to DocuSign, please ensure you are using a modern supported browser.

Caps Lock key is enabled

  1. Open Notepad or other text based editor.
  2. Type some text to determine if your Caps Lock key is active.
  3. If all text is uppercase, disable Caps Lock on your keyboard and retry login

Cached login credentials in browser

Browsers store credentials differently. If you are unable to log into DocuSign with a valid set of login credentials, trying to log in with a different browser will help isolate the issue. If you can log into DocuSign from one browser and not from another, there is likely a setting in that browser that needs to be changed in order to restore your ability to log in. 

Try a different browser

List of browsers compatible with DocuSign

Windows 8+ Credential Manager
Delete your cached login credentials from the Windows Credential Manager. Depending on your version of Windows, your Operating System may be using a locally cached set of user credentials to log in. In some cases these stored credentials can replace the ones used when logging into DocuSign. Note: The Web Credentials section is not present in Windows 7, this applies only to Windows 8 and 10
  1. Go to the Windows Start Menu. Type: Manage Windows Credentials.
  2. Clique nas credenciais da Web. Pesquise a lista de senhas armazenadas e localize a que está relacionada ao DocuSign.
  3. Click the Entry once, then click Remove.

Security lockout

For all DocuSign accounts, there is a limited allowance for failed login attempts before the account is locked. If you enter an incorrect password a certain number of times in a short period, you will be locked out from logging in for a period of time. 

  • If you wait a short period of time and try again, you should be able to access your account.
  • Continuing to enter the wrong password may extend the lockout duration even further.
  • DocuSign will not provide a visual indication if you have been locked out for security purposes. An indicator will tell someone if you have a DocuSign account or not.
  • *Different rules may apply to your account to be compliant with certain security standards such as FedRamp and/or 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.


Forgotten Password / Multiple Accounts


Escolha a situação que melhor se aplica a você:

  1. Esqueci minha senha. Veja as instruções para redefinir sua senha.
  2. Sei minha senha, mas quero alterá-la. Para alterar suas credenciais de login, consulte Alterar seu endereço de e-mail e Alterar sua senha.
  3. Tenho várias contas e não lembro quais logins e senhas pertencem a cada uma delas.
  • Entre em contato com o administrador do DocuSign solicitando a redefinição da senha.
  • Se o administrador do DocuSign não estiver disponível, entre em contato com o Suporte do DocuSign por meio de nosso formulário Web de suporte de contato para obter ajuda.

See Also: Why haven't I received an email verification code?

Company login (SSO) issue

Note: DocuSign Support is not responsible for knowing the exact configuration of settings required by your companies Identity Provider. The organization administrator of the DocuSign account should be aware of these requirements. Please contact your IT department for initial troubleshooting.


Login never completes

First try clearing the browsers cache and cookies.

If, the DocuSign logo appears but the screen never progresses. This is often due to a firewall restriction. Please contact your IT department to investigate.

System Requirements: DocuSign uses a CDN to deliver some parts of the New Experience. Please have your IT department whitelist the following url: CDN (akamai) URL (


User is directed to a blank page after attempting to login

While this may appear to be a login issue it is not related. Read Blank white page when attempting to log into DocuSign for additional information.

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