How to setup eOriginal vaulting as optional on envelopes

You can control which envelopes are vaulted to eOriginal through a few different methods. This article will cover using the Envelope Custom Field method. 

Prerequisites: Setup your account to vault with eOriginal 
  1. Have a DocuSign Administrator click the Admin from top banner across the main DocuSign page and click on Envelope Custom Fields
  2. Click Add Fields to create a new one
  3. Field Name = Vault With eOriginal
  4. Show field to envelope creators = Checked, otherwise users won't see it
  5. Make field required for envelopes = Checked, based on preference
  6. Field Type = List
  7. List of Values = Yes;No
  1. Hit Save to finish creation
  2. Start a new envelope draft in the normal web console and set it up however you like
  3. You should see a Document Labels header with a Vault With eOriginal dropdown menu below Add Recipients
User-added image
  1. If you want to vault the envelope, select Yes and vice versa
  2. Send the envelope and once it is completed, it will vault or not depending on what you selected on your Document Label

It should be noted that with this setup, envelopes that are not vaulted are still moved to Authoritative Copy.

The remainder of this configuration is setup with eOriginal.