Why am I being prompted with "Do You Trust DocuSign" when installing Print Driver v3.x?

Microsoft Windows 7/ Server 2008 has a known issue regarding certain kinds of digital certificates, like those provided with DocuSign Print Driver Version 3.x. This known Microsoft issue that prevents Windows from remembering that the user trusts the programs published by DocuSign.  This issue causes Windows to always prompt users, "Do You Trust DocuSign?" when DocuSign Print Driver Version 3.x is installed.
Trust Publisher

To complete the Print Driver install, without being prompted, please follow theses steps in order:

  1. Install the DocuSign Certificate. Obtain the Print Driver Certificate from the Print Driver. Right click on the Print Driver Install .EXE > Properties -> Digital Signatures.
  2. Import the DocuSign Certificate into the user's  'local machine' store of 'Trusted Publishers'. 
  3. Install KB 3033929  Microsoft security advisory: Availability of SHA-2 code signing support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: March 10, 2015Note: This install may be dependent on other patches.

Note: If you choose to avoid the above steps, the Print Driver will correctly operate, however the user will be prompted during each install trust DocuSign.